Create your own Link Wheel strategy!!

Have a website? Published! Done On page SEO, Directory submission, PR submission, DMOZ submission, Search Engine submission, Social Bookmarking, paid ads, Social Media Marketing. What next?? Well, for me, the answer is –Creating your own Link wheel Strategy!! 😉

Link Wheel strategy for your SEO

Link Wheel?

Basically, Link wheel is Creating a group of High page Rank, popular web 2.0 sites and Linking to each other as well as linking with your own Target site to gain authority, popularity and link juice for your site.

There are some high page ranked, popular and most importantly free web 2.0 sites you can use to build your Link wheel. They are mentioned below-

ü  squidoo

ü  Blogger

ü  hubpages

ü  livejournal

Register with the sites for free and publish articles (unique and relevant to your target keywords for the main site). Now create linking with each other, but most important is- don’t link the same article so that you create only one way links (not reciprocal). Use other social networking and bookmarking sites also to make Articles from other web 2.0 sites popular. Create three or more wordpress Blogs, publish relevant content, Use keyword rich Anchor texts linking to your main site as well as other web 2.0 sites and create one way links.



SHABNAM- Freelance Designer
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