Key points of an Optimized Content!!

As we all know- Most of the main Search Engines (Google, yahoo, MSN) are now conscious about Fresh and optimized content and quality inlinksArticle writing/Blog writing and submission is great for your promotion.

Key points for an optimized content writing-

  • Heading/Title
  • Special Text
  • Anchor Text
  • Keyword density

Heading/Title: Texts within Heading tags (<h1><h2>…<h6>) are larger and highlighted then standard texts. It keeps a higher value for Search Engine crawlers.  It is wise to use valuable keywords within it.

Special texts: While scanning a page, Search Engine crawlers try to find important texts and keywords. Texts within Special texts (B, I, U) are considered to be very important!!  It will draw the reader’s eye as well as crawlers. So don’t miss it and choose words smartly.

Anchor Texts: Anchor Text is a best way to put more describing information about the texts giving the anchored link to another articles regarding the text. This also plays an important role for SEO.

Keyword density: It is the ratio or percentage of Keywords proportional to total no: of words of the content. There are lots of debates on that, but according to some expert webmasters 3% to 10% is better. Too much or too less- nothing is OK.



SHABNAM- Freelance Designer
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