Search Engine Spam- Keyword Stuffing!!

Keyword stuffing:

As it is known that-Keywords are relevant words used by Search Engine to search relevant pages. And this keyword plays most important role for SEO, so some webmasters try to play some unethical tricks to boost the rank in SERP (search Engine Result Page). Keyword stuffing is one of these tricks known as Spamming.

There are many forms of Keyword stuffing to increase keyword frequency. Keyword stuffing is mainly excessive use of keywords to attract visitor. Using too many keywords in content, as Hidden Text. Meta Tags are popular form of stuffing keywords.

To make it more clearly, I’ll like to add an example here. Like you are an owner of Website related to Fashion Blog. So, most powerful keyword is ‘fashion’ obviously. You want to promote the site using every possible keyword. Possible keywords are- winter fashion, summer fashion, latest fashion, wedding fashion and so on. If your HTML Meta description tag should be something like- ‘A fashion blog to get latest information about living in style ’– a nice sentence that describes your Blog well. Rather than this if you use Meta description as ‘Fashion, Winter Fashion, Summer Fashion, Latest Fashion, Fashion News, Wedding Style’ to cover all keywords then it is keyword stuffing just to mislead Search Engine.

Latest Search Engine Crawlers are able to determine Keyword stuffing if it observes abnormally a big no of Keyword repetition. Then Crawler considers it as a Spam!! It will result the site being banned from SERP.

So, it’s not a good practice to fill the content stuffed with keywords. A well written, fresh Content is always KING!!



SHABNAM- Freelance Designer
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