Content SEO

Content SEO

Any information on a web, text, images ,graphics, logos, button icons, , video and audio clips, trademarks, materials, advertisements, layout, arrangement, graphical user interface- everything is its Content.

Content s KIng- is the mantra of Online Marketing.

Google also changed their algorithm as Matt Cutts expressed on his blog recently.

Quality content ensures quality, reliability. Search Engine always prefers Quality and unique content and hates duplicate content. For quality content rich articles, blogs, there is a huge opportunity for the rise in social media sites like Digg, Reddit,, and Stumbleupon.

Not just Creative and Unique Content, there are lots more to consider for Successful Content SEO. Relevant content is must. Need proper keyword research to create keyword rich content.

  • Proper use of Keywords,
  • Right keyword frequency,
  • Generating Anchor texts with rich keywords,
  • Using right amount of images, videos, flash and GIFF and using ALT TEXT properly,
  • Using CSS for styling, highlighting and arranging web content easily.


SHABNAM- Freelance Designer
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