SEO (search engine optimization) with CSS (cascading style sheets)

CSS means cascading style sheets. Multiple style sheets can be applied to the same web page, so the term ‘cascading’ is derived. By changing just one file, CSS allows to change the appearance of hundreds of web pages. CSS gives complete and total control over the style of a hypertext document. With CSS, designers can create style sheets that define how different elements (such as headers, links, colors and fonts) will appear.

When building a web site, the use of CSS can help also search engine position. How?? Here is the answer:

CSS help you clean up your source code making your files easily readable by the search engine spiders and lowering the file size. This reduction in file size means the ratio of text to code content is higher giving favorable results.

The proper use of heading tags gives a real boost to search engine promotion. Current search engine algorithms use ranking formulas that give more weight to keywords that you include in header text. Search engines assume that if header tags contain important information, the keywords inside header tags must be equally important. Customizing headers with CSS is very easy. Header tags define what information is the most important or most deserving of attention by search engine spiders. h1 tags are more important than h2 tags. h3 tags are subsections of h2 tags, and so on. h1 defines the largest header, h6 defines the smallest header.

As CSS separates content and presentation, it is very easy to experiment with different copy and presentation (for example font, background color, etc.) and test what converts best.

Thus, CSS plays an important role for our SEO. I’ll try to write more examples about CSS and SEO. Thank you.



SHABNAM- Freelance Designer
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