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I am very new at Online marketing Field. Not more than 7 months (A long way to go yet :D) , today I’ll share some of my knowledge I gathered in these few days. With all information I gained these days, I have  prepare a Strategy of my work for myself. Then I thought, Why just for myself, Why i don’t share it all you people. May be i can get review of my strategy, critics, advises from you guys.

Page/Site Optimization

This is the first step for a successful online marketing.Optimize if the Page is User Friendly? – The Page or The site must be easy to use. So that Visitors are comfortable with finding important information’s from the page. This is our main goal. Webmasters must be alert that the page have-

  • Sufficient, Essential information (About, contact, Pricing etc)
  • Not just information in a boring style, must be presented in an attractive, interesting way. Content alignment (Paragraphed, Titled etc) is important!!
  • Well Designed Landing page.

Optimize if the Page is Search Engine Friendly? – Not only Users, we must consider Search engine also to be found on search engines. We must keep in mind some points:

  • Avoid too much Flash, Images, but relevant texts.
  • Proper Meta tag description, Meta tag keywords, title
  • Be alert about noindex, nofollow attributes.
  • Wisely use of anchor text, H1 heading,  etc

Site submission

OK, Now you have a perfect site with perfect page, secondly submit the site to different directory. I am including some sites to submit the site to their directory:

Social Networking

Your site is indexed, now establish accounts on the following social networking sites, Increase networking and promote the site here:

Blogging is also important to interact with clients/customers, publishing update news, information about the site/product/services. Open blog site with:

Web Analytics

Ensure that is effective on site.

Please share all your information.






SHABNAM- Freelance Designer
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