Google Instant preview effect Google Analytics!!

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Google‘s new “Instant Previews” search tool is skewing traffic stats for sites using Google Analytics, creating page views before pages are actually viewed.

Rolled out across Google’s search engine earlier this month, Instant Previews lets searchers, yes, preview sites before they visit them. Users click on a small icon that appears beside a search result, and this launches an image of the site in question on the right-hand-side of Google’s results page.

A Google employee confirms that these real-time fetches are executing JavaScript used by Google Analytics, the company’s own web analytics tool, and this is skewing traffic numbers. But they are working on a solution for this, to prevent Google Instant Preview on-demand fetches from executing Analytics JavaScript, but not sure about the timeframe.

If you want to disable this instant preview, All you need to do is add the following filters:




Just copy any of the above URL and paste in your favorite web browser. The feature will be instantly disable and there is no need to do any thing.




SHABNAM- Freelance Designer
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