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I think cool, Gorgeous, fashionable Hair Accessories can add fulfillment to your style. I am fond of This Hair bands, clips for preparing me for a party night, wedding night or any other occasion. Try Artificial Hair Accessories or real flowers according to right time and place. Here some of my favorite hair accessories are shown-

Fashion blog, Hair flower

Choose your one and complete your look! :)

My Logo Design project

Hello viewers! Hope all are having great times! :)

I am back after long days, getting not more time for my own blogging! :(

Today I wanna to share something new! My own Logo Design. Yes, first time thought to having my own logo for my blog, website. Tried something with my immature design talent ;)

I am sharing it here. Please! I am really waiting for all your valuable comments and suggestions!

Logo Design

Logo design

Create your own Link Wheel strategy!!

Have a website? Published! Done On page SEO, Directory submission, PR submission, DMOZ submission, Search Engine submission, Social Bookmarking, paid ads, Social Media Marketing. What next?? Well, for me, the answer is –Creating your own Link wheel Strategy!! ;)

Link Wheel strategy for your SEO

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Clipping Path outsource

Clipping- Cutting any Image object from the rests.

Clipping Path- Creating a vector Path to outline the area to be isolatd.

Outsource- Contracting any individual or company for any particular tasks who is not an employee.

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Key points of an Optimized Content!!

As we all know- Most of the main Search Engines (Google, yahoo, MSN) are now conscious about Fresh and optimized content and quality inlinks- Article writing/Blog writing and submission is great for your promotion.

Key points for an optimized content writing-

  • Heading/Title
  • Special Text
  • Anchor Text
  • Keyword density

Heading/Title: Texts within Heading tags (<h1><h2>…<h6>) are larger and highlighted then standard texts. It keeps a higher value for Search Engine crawlers.  It is wise to use valuable keywords within it.

Special texts: While scanning a page, Search Engine crawlers try to find important texts and keywords. Texts within Special texts (B, I, U) are considered to be very important!!  It will draw the reader’s eye as well as crawlers. So don’t miss it and choose words smartly.

Anchor Texts: Anchor Text is a best way to put more describing information about the texts giving the anchored link to another articles regarding the text. This also plays an important role for SEO.

Keyword density: It is the ratio or percentage of Keywords proportional to total no: of words of the content. There are lots of debates on that, but according to some expert webmasters 3% to 10% is better. Too much or too less- nothing is OK.

Search Engine Spam- Keyword Stuffing!!

Keyword stuffing:

As it is known that-Keywords are relevant words used by Search Engine to search relevant pages. And this keyword plays most important role for SEO, so some webmasters try to play some unethical tricks to boost the rank in SERP (search Engine Result Page). Keyword stuffing is one of these tricks known as Spamming.

There are many forms of Keyword stuffing to increase keyword frequency. Keyword stuffing is mainly excessive use of keywords to attract visitor. Using too many keywords in content, as Hidden Text. Meta Tags are popular form of stuffing keywords.

To make it more clearly, I’ll like to add an example here. Like you are an owner of Website related to Fashion Blog. So, most powerful keyword is ‘fashion’ obviously. You want to promote the site using every possible keyword. Possible keywords are- winter fashion, summer fashion, latest fashion, wedding fashion and so on. If your HTML Meta description tag should be something like- ‘A fashion blog to get latest information about living in style ’- a nice sentence that describes your Blog well. Rather than this if you use Meta description as ‘Fashion, Winter Fashion, Summer Fashion, Latest Fashion, Fashion News, Wedding Style’ to cover all keywords then it is keyword stuffing just to mislead Search Engine.

Latest Search Engine Crawlers are able to determine Keyword stuffing if it observes abnormally a big no of Keyword repetition. Then Crawler considers it as a Spam!! It will result the site being banned from SERP.

So, it’s not a good practice to fill the content stuffed with keywords. A well written, fresh Content is always KING!!


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